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inscom Event-Summary

inscom Song by Johann Ranft

Speaker surveys

Interview Robert Cummings
Senior Vice President, Global Head of Insurance, SAP SE

Interview Patric Deflorin
Head of Insurance, Die Mobiliar

Interview Dipl.Bw. Roland Grimm
Program Director UIP, UNIQA Insurance Group AG

Interview Antony J. Jacob
Worldwide Insurance Business Development, Amazon Web Services

Interview Paul Meeusen
CEO, B3i Services AG,The Blockchain Insurance Industry Initiative

Interview Dr. Andreas Nolte
CIO, Allianz Deutschland AG

Interview Burkhard Oppenberg
Group-CIO, Gothaer Systems GmbH

Interview Stefan Riedel
Vice President, Insurance Europe, IBM

Interview Dr. Roman Rittweger
Chairman of the Board, ottonova Holding AG

Interview Andreas Schönherr
Managing Director, Finance Reinsurance,
Swiss Reinsurance Company

Interview Prof. Dr. Markus Warg  
Member of the Board, SIGNAL IDUNA Gruppe

Interview Dr. Theo Waigel
Former Federal Minister of Finance

Interview Werner Weiss
Managing Director Insiders Technologies GmbH

Interview Herbert Wild  
Project Manager, NOVENTI Factory GmbH

Interview Holger Witzemann
Managing Director, AOK Systems GmbH

Interview Hans Zehetmaier
Chairman of the Board, msg

Interview Bernhard Lang
Board of Directors, msg

Interview Sven Roehl
Co-Founder of Cookhouse Lab,
CEO, msg global solutions Canada
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